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 Your team of leading VS Code experts 

 Your team of leading  
  VS Code experts 

Your team  
  of VS Code  

George James Software are passionate about the power of Visual Studio Code and how it can be used to enhance the development experience. This passion began a couple of years after VS Code’s 2015 launch, when we recognized its capabilities in providing an integrated development for any language, any operating system, anywhere. 


A growing portfolio of extensions

A growing portfolio
of extensions

Our roots in the software industry date back to our founding in 1989, with developer tools always being a core focus. Our commitment to quality and innovation led us to adapt and expand our internal toolset as we worked on bespoke projects for customers, and we then made these tools available to others. 

These developer tools, which include enterprise-grade source control and an advanced debugger, have already been re-engineered as fully integrated VS Code extensions. They’re actively maintained, with regular updates that take advantage of new VS Code features. 


Valued community contributions

Valued community

Our work with VS Code goes extensions beyond extensions. We actively contribute to the VS Code community, regularly engaging in issue triaging and frequently having our pull requests accepted. 

This involvement has allowed us to understand VS Code’s architecture on a deeper level and gain early knowledge of upcoming features, ensuring our extensions harness VS Code’s full potential. 

We also offer training sessions for developers adopting VS Code. In these, we help attendees configure their environments and go through both basic and advanced features of VS Code. 


Our skills

Our software engineering skills relevant to building VS Code extensions include: 

*  Node.js




*  VS Code APIs and libraries

Unit testing

*  Git / GitHub / GitLab

*  UX / UI expertise


Tell us your pain-points

If you require a custom VS Code extension or need help improving your development workflow, please email us at to discuss your requirements and how we can help you further.