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Developer tools

 Streamline work and boost  
  productivity with seamless integration 

 Streamline work  
  and boost productivity  
  with seamless  

 Streamline work and boost  
  productivity with seamless integration 

We have built several tools that the team at George James Software uses to assist us with our work, which we make available for other developers and organizations.

Our InterSystems developer tools range from ones that can be relied upon daily, becoming a staple in your development environment, to those that prove instrumental during one-off projects. 

We’re proud to say that many of our tools are endorsed by InterSystems and have been widely adopted within the industry as they’re proven to increase productivity, improve the quality of your code and assist you in building well-engineered solutions.

To make sure our customers are getting the most out of our tools we host webinars in collaboration with InterSystems as well as run user group sessions and encourage feedback from our community of users.



Deltanji logo (bright green source control icon to the left of a pale blue circle)

Deltanji source control

Fully configurable source control to manage the development work no matter the size of your team.

Code can be migrated between development, test and live environments in a controlled, reliable and audited way. 


Serenji debugger

On-the-spot ObjectScript editor and debugger for VS Code.

It offers zero configuration debugging to easily identify and quickly fix errors in code, contributing to the production fo quality, maintainable code. 


Specialist Tools



Visualizes system architecture to help you easily understand and refine your software. 

With the ability to investigate interdependencies, that can often be obscure, you be able to can rectify any structural issues enabling you to update, debug and test your code.

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Modelling for Caché and Ensemble classes as UML diagrams.

It provides a clear picture of classes within applications and how they all fit together – enabling new functionality to be added in a maintainable way.

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Analyses code to enhance and extend your applications. 

It enables the impact of proposed changes to be assessed and assists in locating where modifications need to be made. It also increases productivity by reducing the investigation time and automatically documenting the changes once they’ve been made.

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Automatically builds data dictionaries, which describe the structure and contents of your M technology database. 

It’s better quality than creating a manual one, as it is derived from source control and database analysis. It also promotes the re-use of attribute definitions which achieves a highly consistent dictionary with a corresponding improvement in quality.

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It re-engineers M code by replacing what it parses with user-specified constructs. 

It enables you to get more control of your code. It’s also available as an add on to RE/cos, RE/metrics or RE/data.

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Presents a clear summary of the relative complexity of your applications. 

It has clear, easy-to-read reports and is quick and simple to use.

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VS Code Extensions


Get to the source of your errors by entering an ObjectScript error message of a line reference from a class or .Mac routine, gj::locate will take you directly to the corresponding line in your source code.

The Folding Stuff

It adds options to the context menu of documents open in VS Code, making it easier to use the standard facilities for folding and unfolding code blocks. 

Server Manager for VS Code

Defines connections to InterSystems servers, which can be used by other VS Code extensions when they make connections. 


This extension shows coding help using VS Code’s commenting feature.


VS Code Extension Authoring

We build and maintain a diverse range of VS Code Extensions for other organizations to customize their development environment.