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VS Code Extensions

 Custom solutions  
  for added functionality 

 Custom solutions  
  for added functionality 

Custom solutions  
  for added  

George James Software builds bespoke VS Code extensions for those who want to access the extra capabilities that extensions can provide. We offer this service for organizations and individuals who don’t have the time or the expertise to build extensions themselves. 


Maximize the potential of VS Code

Maximize the potential
of VS Code

Extensions can provide capabilities and extra functionality such as: 

*  simplifying coding processes

*  automating repetitive tasks

*  enhancing source control

*  streamlining debugging

*  supporting uncommon languages

*  improving IntelliSense

*  harnessing AI capabilities

*  facilitating unit testing

*  enabling Jupyter Notebook functionality.

Our team boasts a proven track record in delivering successful developer tools and possesses a deep understanding of the VS Code ecosystem. 

This unique combination of experience and expertise equips us to effectively translate your specific requirements into detailed technical specifications or to provide innovative solutions to improve your set-up. We then proceed to build a custom VS Code extension tailored to provide the extra functionality you need. 


Bespoke VS Code extensions

Bespoke VS Code

We provide an end-to-end service that includes designing and building VS Code extensions, packaged for easy deployment within your organization or published on the VS Code marketplace.

Our collaborative approach and extensive knowledge of VS Code’s extension architecture and APIs ensure that our bespoke solution optimally integrates into your workflow. 

To ensure longevity, we are here to support and maintain your extension long after it’s deployed. We can also undertake knowledge transfer for you to handle these aspects yourself. 


Tell us your pain-points

If you require a custom VS Code extension or need help improving your development workflow, please email us at to discuss your requirements and how we can help you further.