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Why migrate from InterSystems Studio  
 to VS Code? 

Why migrate from InterSystems  
 Studio to VS Code?

Why migrate  
  from InterSystems  
  Studio to VS Code?  

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, fast, free-to-use code editor that has become one of the most popular developer tools. If you’re unsure about migrating from InterSystems Studio to VS Code, here are a few reasons why you should consider making the switch:


Lightweight, fast and free

VS Code offers a refreshingly lightweight design with blazing-fast performance. You’ll work in a code editor with a streamlined interface that allows you to work more efficiently, even on less powerful machines or within your browser window. VS Code comes at no cost, making it an accessible choice for all developers. 


Cross-platform compatibility

Gone are the days of organizations being tied to a specific operating system. VS Code is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, ensuring a consistent development experience regardless of the platform you’re on. 


Edit and build with ease

VS Code empowers developers with features designed to enhance their productivity.

*  Seamlessly connect to multiple server namespaces

*  Leverage advanced IntelliSense for intelligent code suggestions

*  Enjoy syntax highlighting for improved code readability

*  Effortlessly navigate your codebase with bracket-matching and auto-indentation

Box selection and customizable snippets speed up coding tasks

Intuitive keyboard shortcuts can be fully configured to your preference. 


Robust ecosystem

Robust ecosystem

Join a thriving community of developers who contribute to the expansive ecosystem of extensions and plugins available for VS Code.

Many tools that you currently use with InterSystems Studio are also available as VS Code extensions, including our very own Deltanji source control and Serenji debugger. 


Training and guidance

George James Software is here to guide you through the migration process and provide you with the support you need to seamlessly transition from InterSystems Studio to VS Code. 

Our expertise in InterSystems platforms as well as our active involvement in contributing to VS Code itself and creating and maintaining a range of VS Code extensions puts us in the unique position of having deep knowledge of both InterSystems platforms and VS Codes.


VS Code training courses

Migrating from Studio to VS Code: The Basics (public webinar)

An interactive training webinar for those who have never used VS Code before and want hands-on help in getting set up and explaining the basics of how it works. 


VS Code for ObjectScript: Advanced Features (public webinar)

Tailored for ObjectScript developers, in this interactive training webinar you’ll learn how to take your server-side VS Code set up to the next level. 


Bespoke Training for VS Code (private webinar or in person)

Recommended for 4+ attendees from the same organization, we’ll cover everything in the public webinar with the added advantage of being able to focus on the areas you need/want to cover. 


Full-service migration (private webinar or in person)

Larger organizations will benefit from this service. We’ll work with you through the entire migration process: from the migration strategy to implementation and training.