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VS Code release June 2024 (version 1.91)

Visual Studio Code releases new updates every month with new features and bug fixes, and the June 2024 release is now available. Version 1.9 includes: 

* Preview: Incoming/Outgoing changes graph – Visualize incoming and outgoing changes in the Source Control view.

* Python environments – Enhanced environment discovery with python-environment-tools.

* Smart Send in native REPL – Smoothly run code chunks in the native REPL.

* GitHub Copilot extensibility – Chat and Language Model APIs available in VS Code Stable.

* Preview: Profiles Editor – Manage your profiles in a single place.

* Custom tab labels – More variable options and support for multiple extensions.

* TypeScript 5.5 – Syntax checking for regular expressions and other language features.

* JavaScript Debugger – Inspect shadowed variables while debugging JavaScript.

The release also includes contributions from John Murray, our Senior Product Engineer, through pull requests that address open issues. 

Find out more about these features in the release notes here.

For those with VS Code, your environment should auto-update. You can manually check for updates by running Help > Check for Updates on Linux and Windows or running Code > Check for Updates on macOS.

If you’re thinking about migrating from Studio to VS Code but need some help, take a look at the training courses George James Software offers here