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VS Code release February 2024 (version 1.87)

Visual Studio Code releases new updates every month with new features and bug fixes, and the February 2024 release is now available. Version 1.87 includes: 

* Voice dictation in editor – Use your voice to dictate directly in the editor.

* Multi-cursor inline suggestions – Review and accept inline suggestions for multiple cursors.

* Copilot-powered rename suggestions – Get rename suggestions for symbols from Copilot.

* Side-by-side preview refactoring – Preview refactorings across files with multi diff editor.

* Smarter Python imports – Improvements for adding missing Python imports.

* Sticky scroll in editor – Sticky scroll is enabled by default in the editor.

* Multi-language support for speech – Multiple languages supported for speech recognition.

* Copilot suggestions for dev containers – Get template and feature suggestions for dev container configurations.

The release also includes contributions from John Murray, our Senior Product Engineer, through pull requests that address open issues. 

Find out more about these features in the release notes here.

For those with VS Code, your environment should auto-update. You can manually check for updates by running Help > Check for Updates on Linux and Windows or running Code > Check for Updates on macOS.

If you’re thinking about migrating from Studio to VS Code but need some help, take a look at the training courses George James Software offers here