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The foundation of every system

The foundation of
every system

Customers have benefitted from our innovative and straightforward solutions for over 30 years


George James Software is a team of multi-talented engineers who design and architect straightforward and innovative solutions. We believe the foundation of every successful system is its code, with software maintainability being paramount to support the growing and changing needs of your organization. 

We look for the most practical and maintainable solutions for customers that take into account your wider objectives, ensuring our solutions stand the test of time. We’re driven by what is best suited for your organization.


We have a portfolio of software development tools that provide assistance with development productivity and quality.

These range from ones that can be relied upon daily, becoming a staple in your development environment, to those that prove instrumental during one-off projects.

We are proud that our tools have been widely adopted by InterSystems customers. Our flagship tools Serenji debugger and Deltanji source control have been proven to increase productivity, improve the quality of your code and assist you in building well-engineered solutions. 

Customer support

Many of our customers go on to rely on us for long-term support of their systems. 

We have a fast and reliable support team in place to work with customers on any issues that arise. You’ll work with a dedicated member of our team to manage and keep track of your support requests.

If you need support, please email

Our support hours are:
Monday – Friday
9.00 am – 5.30 pm GMT/BST

Building VS Code

Building VS Code Extensions

The ability for environments to be tailored with extensions makes VS Code a powerful editor for developers. There is an abundance of tools and extensions to discover that will increase productivity and the quality of your code. 

Our team of software engineers are highly experienced in developing tools and extensions for VS Code. We’ve authored many including source control and debugging, as well as contributed regularly to VS Code itself.

VS Code migration
from Studio

VS Code migration from Studio

As respected experts in InterSystems technologies and with a wealth of experience in VS Code, George James Software has the unique capabilities to ensure a smooth migration from InterSystems Studio to VS Code.

Our in-depth understanding of both platforms will provide a seamless transition that will keep your environment comfortable and productive.

We offer one-to-one consultation, bespoke to your organization’s requirements, or you can attend our monthly public webinar where our experts will guide you through the migration process. 

To find out more about please get in touch. 

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